The relationship between swimming speed and running speed can vary depending on various factors, but we can make some general considerations:

Distance ratio: In terms of distance, 100 meters of swimming is approximately equal to 400 meters of running. This ratio may vary slightly depending on the swimmer and type of swimming, but it is a good point to make.

Training time: If you are looking to integrate swimming and running, you may want to consider training time.

For example, se fai 1 ora di corsa a un ritmo di 6 minuti al chilometro (quindi circa 10 chilometri), probabilmente in 1 ora di nuoto riusciresti a coprire circa 2,5 chilometri (equivalenti a 100 vasche da 25 metri). if you run for 1 hour at a pace of 6 minutes per kilometer (so around 10 kilometres), you would probably be able to cover around 2.5 kilometers in 1 hour of swimming (equivalent to 100 25 meter laps).

Variety of speeds: In swimming, you can work on different intensities and speeds. For example, you can do interval training (sets of shorter distances at faster speeds) or endurance training (longer distances at a steady pace)..

Maintaining a variety of speeds is important for a complete and balanced workout in both swimming and running.


Taking the times between swimming and running, for a series of races from sprint to middle distance, with a distance ratio of 4:1 or close, i.e.



Swimming distance

Running Distance

100 MT. I swim

400 MT. race

200 MT. I swim

800 MT. race

400 MT. I swim

1,500 MT. race

800 MT. I swim

3,000 MT. race

1,500 MT. I swim

5,000 MT. race




The ratio of running to swimming speed is generally between 3.9 and 4.1, but for the 100 meters, the ratio is around 4.4. These values ​​may vary slightly depending on individual abilities and the swimming or running technique used.