Long Pool and Short Pool Times

In swimming all competitions take place either in the Long Pool (50 metres) or in the Short Pool (25 metres).

Those who are lucky enough to train daily in a 50 m swimming pool. he will certainly find less difficulty in tackling both types of races.

We know that there are mainly three differences between the long pool and the short pool:

  • departure

  • the underwater phase

  • turn.

The short course is faster and therefore also more technical. Whoever is quicker to get off the blocks at the start has the advantage.

The turn is the other technical moment, it requires continuous specific training and is the most delicate phase in the 25 meter races.

No less important is the underwater phase which allows you to be faster than on the surface.

How much time difference is there between the short course and the long course?

Example :

  • 50 MT Freestyle

  • Female

  • Timed Pool Time from 50 MT: 00:28:46

In a 25 MT tank it would be 00:27:76



  • 50 MT Freestyle

  • Male

  • Timed Pool Time from 50 MT: 00:28:46

In a 25 MT tank it would be 00:27:66


See Link : https://www.rarinantesala.it/conversione-tempi/


The formula for converting times from short course to long course is available in the 2023-24 Italian Swimming Federation Regulations on page 17.

The link to the official document: Swimming Sector Regulations 2023-24