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Sports Staff Coordination


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The technical organization chart of the Ideal Modern Swimming Centre

Sports Staff Coordination.


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The Director must:

  • choose sector managers;

  • possess the necessary technical skills to be able to understand whether the managers of the various sectors are up to the task; be able to analyze new emerging activities,

  • be able to analyze new emerging activities, to evaluate their possible inclusion in the center's programming;

  • have high skills regarding the verification called technological management of the system;

  • know in depth the regulations in force regarding swimming facilities;

  • know the territory not only from a geographical and traffic point of view - an important aspect - but also from an administrative, political-administrative point of view;

  • have good marketing knowledge.

Technical manager of the sector

Each sector manager must:

  • propose to the technical director the composition of the sector staff;

  • be able to personally and periodically update staff;

  • analyze and propose technical material;

  • be aware of the programming of other sectors;

  • interact with other technical managers in order to offer customers a homogeneous view of the system.

Pool Coordinator

Each tub must:

  • be aware of the programming of all technical sectors;

  • have a good technical knowledge of all the activities proposed in the plant;

  • be able to respond appropriately to all customers might ask;

  • be of practical support during lessons, for any needs of instructors or clients;

  • be the first interface between parents and instructors, during courses for children, to have an overall and immediate vision of emerging problems and provide customers with immediate answers.


In addition to their institutional duties, each Lifeguard:

  • knowledge of programming in all technical sectors;

  • have a good technical knowledge of all the activities proposed in the plant;

  • be able to adequately answer all questions that customers may ask regarding the organization of the plant.

The instructor

Each instructor and each technician actually represent a small "company" and, especially in medium and large sized projects, where the direct relationship with the customer becomes preferential, the instructor is the one who must report and, to the extent of his/her competence , resolve the problems and inconveniences that the customer experiences.

Failure to do so or not acting as an intermediary between the customer and the pool coordinator or sector manager may result in the loss of the customer; in fact, the chances that the problem will emerge anyway and be resolved are very limited.

The technical director, in collaboration with all the staff, being able to use the system with full availability, possessing the necessary skills and having in-depth knowledge of the work location, must prepare a program with a minimum annual deadline.


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