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Management of projects and activities with particular attention to organisational, web communication, legal and administrative aspects: plans, organises, manages and verifies the implementation of plans and projects based on constraints given by the availability of resources.

Although we work mainly in the sporting field, the activity can also develop in non-sporting areas (such as tourism, web communication, production of goods, provision of various types of services) as it has useful skills to cover roles of a management and managerial nature.



Marketing Strategy:

  • Advertising promotion and communication: Digital marketing, sending emails to current and potential customers.

  • Make yourself known on the market.

  • Promote the brand so that the sports facility is recognized.

  • Provide information on swimming course times, registrations, fitness proposals, etc.

  • Build loyalty through promotional offers and initiatives, special discounts.

  • Broaden the target audience by offering new courses and services aimed at specific categories.

  • Inform about the introduction of new teaching/or new teaching materials.

  • Marketing MIX: a constantly changing checklist, to resolve and deal successfully with organizational and management problems.

  • In the management of swimming and fitness sports activities we can identify the marketing MIX tools in the following four elements: product - personnel - price - communication (advertising).

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Instagram Advertising Videos

Instagram Marketing has won over brands to promote products and services more effectively, including through influencers and UGC. Social media is also an Employer Branding tool and an ally of HR. Potential, strengths and some limitations on the correspondence between content and form.

We create promotional videos and advertising spots on Instagram


Management of swimming pool activities

There are three fundamental aspects that contribute to management:

  • Management and management: which includes carrying out the reporting and coordination functions of all the technical-administrative operations necessary for the efficiency of the plant (which must be ensured by the managing body).

  • The organization of the sporting activity: which must be ensured directly by the licensed sports clubs and by external groups with their own staff, for the performance of all sporting practices (competitions, events, activities organized with courses and with individual access).

  • Maintenance: which must include all the planning of technical and functional interventions (ordinary - extraordinary - improvements) to maintain and improve the state of efficiency of each part of the system; these burdens and tasks can be divided between the granting body and the concessionary body.

Management of swimming pool activities

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Sports Staff Coordination

The technical organization chart of the Ideal Modern Swimming Centre

Sports Staff Coordination


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Allenamento Nuoto

We follow the guidelines of the Italian Swimming Federation and is a Federal Swimming School, a sports introduction center recognized by CONI and its MISSION is the selection of students who show particular aptitudes to be included in groups for competitive activities in the swimming sector..

You will find articles related to:

  • The biological basis of training periodization.
  • Periodization guidelines
  • Useful tests for training
  • etc.

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Link: F.I.N., Support manual, companies and technicians who want to delve deeper into swimming school topics, multimedia section dedicated to the main teaching and aquatic fitness.

 F.I.N Federal Swimming Manual


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