Marketing Strategy:

- Advertising promotion and communication

- Make yourself known on the market

- Promote the brand so that the sports facility is recognized

- Provide information on swimming course times, registrations, fitness proposals, etc..

- Build loyalty through promotional offers and initiatives, special discounts.

- Broaden the target audience by offering new courses and services aimed at specific categories.

- We inform you about the introduction of new teaching/or new teaching materials.

- Marketing MIX: a constantly changing checklist to resolve and successfully address organizational and management problems.

- Digital Social Media Marketing: allows you to manage the company's online presence through different online channels, i.e. websites, mobile apps and social media, and use online communication techniques such as positioning on search engines (SEO marketing and CRO marketing) social media marketing, digital advertising (or online advertising, Internet advertising), e-mail marketing. The objective is to acquire new customers, provide better services to current ones, expand and strengthen relationships, improve the experience (Customer Experience).




Marketing on Instagram: 

Social media is one of the best communication channels for immediate, actionable branding. Instagram Marketing has won over brands to promote products and services more effectively, including through influencers and UGC. Social media is also an Employer Branding tool and an ally of HR. Potential, strengths and some limitations on the correspondence between content and form..

Instagram Marketing between ER, UGC and Influencer

The ER is the Engagement Rate, the main metric for evaluating the quality of an Instagram page: it is the proportion between the fanbase and the number of interactions with the published content. Therefore, as the number of followers increases, interactivity must necessarily also increase, otherwise a low engagement rate is likely to indicate that something is not working in terms of the editorial plan.
In addition to studying a good editorial calendar of native, seasonal content based on current trends, it is also a good idea to exploit the so-called UGC (User-generated content), the contents created by the users themselves: stories and posts in which users spontaneously mention the company, with an exponential power of visibility.

Obviously, the more influential and followed the user, the more effective this practice is: involving influencers in target with your consumers and inviting them to try your products, review them, share a discount code or an opinion, create a survey in stories or a live broadcast are all ways to make the most of Instagram..

Great care must be taken to manage one's Instagram page correctly and in total transparency: the social network, in fact, has for years now declared war on bots, that is, on those who use special automated software to follow and unfollow other profiles or create comments. automatic in quantity, obtaining new followers in a very dirty way. In fact, security has been enhanced in this sense, with account blocking: the algorithm detects the fact that a page is performing too many actions in too short a period of time and temporarily disables its functioning.

Visual Web Communication, from the conception and development of the website to the design of the logo of your Sports Center or Fitness Center, Gym, Swimming Pool, with the premise of creating a coherent, understandable and effective institutional image.

Instagram Marketing: contents and formats.

Instagram cancels the distance, bringing users close to the atmosphere and values ​​of each company, with direct and evocative communication: this is why a good content strategy is a must, as always in Social Media Marketing.

Static visuals, images, photos or info-graphics, must be well created and in mobile-first vertical format.

The video format is also widely used, but you need to pay attention to the duration of the video:

  • the Stories are 15 seconds long, but we often think in blocks of 4 stories, uploading a 60 second video which the Social Network itself divides into 4 tranches;
  • Videos in feed posts can last a maximum of 1 minute;
  • Reels, a new format introduced less than a year ago as a response to TikTok, can last from 15 seconds up to 60 seconds, a recent innovation that has extended their duration;
  • IG TV allows you to upload much more extensive content, up to 10 minutes for normal accounts and up to 1 hour for verified and highly followed accounts;
  • Instagram Live, i.e. live broadcasts, can last a maximum of 1 hour.

For us everything starts from a project and everything is built to measure, because each customer has unique characteristics to enhance.


Cricket training Academy

Cricket training Academy


American Football

American Football





Yoga and fitness classes

Yoga and fitness classes


Cycling Club

Cycling Club.


School of Dance

School of Dance


Body Bilding

Body Bilding





Organic Nutrition Health Professionals

Organic Nutrition Health Professionals


Digital Marketing


Development and creation of websites

We create your "Brand" from scratch, taking care of every graphic aspect and enhancing the image of your sporting activity.


We create your "Brand" from scratch, taking care of every graphic aspect and enhancing the image of your sporting activity. We create websites and graphics for sports clubs, swimming pools, fitness centers, gyms, golf clubs.


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The DYNAMIC WEBSITE package includes:

A dynamic website with CMS: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress

You can update whenever you want via computer, smartphone or tablet.

Your site will be viewable on any mobile device: tablet / iPad, smartphone / iPhone, Smart TV.

  • A control panel from which you can create articles by inserting multimedia content such as images and videos.

  • Insertion of your social profiles such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc ...

  • A custom graphic layout (graphic layout) using your logos.

  • A personal blog divided into categories.

We never neglect anything about the image of our customers



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