Another tool of communication is that of promotions; an action aimed at temporarily offering economic benefits to a specific group of consumers, in order to achieve specific commercial objectives.

Promotions must in brief:

  • be temporary (with a pre-established duration);
  • offer obvious economic benefits for the consumer;
  • orientate to groups of consumers (the target)

For the sports center the objectives to be achieved must be quantifiable: for example, the increase in the number of customers, or returning customers, the free trial of a new sports service, the reduction of seasonality (typical negative side of gyms).

We see some types of promotional actions (with some examples) for a sports center, club, or sports club:
  • special offers: the first 30 registered a sweatshirt as a gift;
  • discounts: to all customers who use a certain time slot, certain of the week, during some weaker periods in the frequency eg December and January;
  • discount vouchers: a widespread formula in the retail trade; why not introduce it also in sports services? For example: the distribution of discount coupons in schools;
  • combined sales: registration to the fitness area or swimming pool, combined with the stretching course, or the sauna, the whirlpool; it is clear that the price must not simply be the sum of the two services, but must be promotional;
  • cards or cards: the club formula is very interesting, it is currently already quite used; why not extend it, for example, to shops, cinemas, nightclubs, pubs, thus creating a network to obtain advantageous discounts?
  • sporting events: organizing a swimming school trophy, inviting all families in the neighborhood or city, public figures and public figures, provokes an extraordinary effect in terms of overall image and contacts with potential clients;
  • free gifts: give free trial tickets for a synchronized swimming lesson, or cardio-fitness; small and nice gadget to give away at Christmas (even if it is not a real promotion, however, maintains the image of the center);
  • the competitions: extraction, among all the members, of a holiday in a health center with the contribution of a travel agency interested in making itself known;
  • the day of sport & fitness: from the morning to the evening of an established day (and communicated with an effective publicity) the whole center, with teachers and instructors, is available to everyone for free to try out the various activities; excellent solution to make yourself known.



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