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Management of projects and activities with particular attention to organizational, web, legal and administrative aspects: planning, organizing, managing and verifying the implementation of plans and projects based on the constraints given by the availability of resources.

Although you work mainly in sports, the activity can also develop in non-sport areas (such as tourism, in web communication, production of goods, the provision of services of various kinds) as it has skills to play roles managerial and managerial.

Management of Web Communication

Visual Web communication, from the design and development of the website to the design of the logo of your Sports Center or Fitness Center, Gym, Swimming Pool, with the assumption of creating a coherent, understandable and effective institutional image.

For us everything starts from a project and everything is built to measure, because each customer has unique characteristics to be enhance..

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Swimming Pool Activities

There are three fundamental aspects that contribute to management:

  1. The conduction and direction: which includes the performance of the reporting and coordination of all the technical-administrative operations necessary for the efficiency of the plant (which must be ensured by the managing body).
  2. The organization of sporting activities: which must be ensured directly by the sporting concessionaires and by external groups with their own personnel, for the completion of all sporting practices (competitions, events, activities organized with courses and with individual access).
  3. Maintenance: which must include all the programming of technical and functional interventions (ordinary - extraordinary - improvement) to maintain and improve the efficiency of each part of the plant; these duties and tasks can be divided between the granting body and the concessionaire body.

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Sports Staff Coordination

Technical organization chart of the Ideal Modern Swimming Center

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