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Personale Sportivo

Personale Sportivo

Personale Sportivo

Personale Sportivo

The technical organization chart of the Ideal Modern Swimming Center


The Director must :

  • choose the sector managers;
  • possess the necessary technical skills to be able to understand if the managers of the various sectors are up to the situation; be able to analyze new emerging activities;
  • be able to analyze the new emerging activities, to evaluate any inclusion in the center's programming;
  • have high skills regarding the verification of said technological management of the plant;
  • know in depth the current regulations regarding swimming facilities;
  • know the territory not only from the geographical point of view and the road network - an important aspect - but also from the point of view, administrative, administrative and political;
  • have good marketing skills.

Technical responsible for the sector

Each sector manager must:

  • to propose to the technical director the composition of the sector Staff;
  • be able to personally and periodically update the staff;
  • analyze and propose the technical material;
  • be aware of the programming of the other sectors;
  • interact with other technical managers in order to offer customers a homogeneous view of the plant.

Bath Coordinator

Each tank coordinator must:  

  • be aware of the programming of all technical sectors;
  • have a good technical knowledge of all the activities proposed in the plant;
  • be able to respond appropriately to all customers could pose;
  • be practical support during lessons, for any need of instructors or customers;
  • Be the first interface between parents and instructors, during the courses for children, for a total and immediate view of the rising problems and provide immediate responses to customers.

Bath attendant

Every beach attendant in addition to his institutional duties:

  • knowledge of the programming of all technical sectors;
  • have a good technical knowledge of all the activities proposed in the plant;
  • be able to respond appropriately to all the questions that customers might ask about the organization of the plant.

The instructor

Each instructor and each technician represent in reality a small "company" and, especially in medium and large projects, where the direct relationship with the client becomes preferential, the instructor is the one who must report and, as far as it is competent , solve the problems and inconveniences that the customer manifests.

Do not do or not act as a link between the customer and the pool coordinator or the sector manager can determine the loss of the customer; in fact, the chances of the problem still emerging and being solved are very limited.

The technical director, in collaboration with all the staff, being able to use the plant with full availability, possessing the necessary skills and having a thorough knowledge of the location of work must prepare a program with minimum annual expiration.